Welcome to Moddy Moon Audios

This is mostly a test of the current workings of our markdown-to-site project though if things work, it will end up being much more than that.

Initial Purpose

Initially this site was created to produce gender neutral caregiver little (CGl) audio content, or to provide some "home" which we would host the web component (with probably the audio being hosted other places).

We decided that we weren't likely to do that (largely because while we had been managing to write the content, we never found that we were able to record the audio successfully due to a combination of other people, and executive dysfunction.

What we have here

Right now, things are pretty quiet here, we only have this page, and the start of a few more parts.

I think that's it for now. The contact is probably in need of some updating because it really says that we don't have any contact details.

Also, the blog, really doesn't exist at all. Not even as far as having something there to explain things properly.

Future Plans

We're probably going to continue developing this, maybe with more or less the intention (maybe only recording when we manage it, but producing the text around the ideas that we planned), as well as showcasing the tools that we have for this site.

As for the tools we are developing, we hope to move the existing WordPress.org sites over to something a lot more like how this is working.

Recreating Original Content

We intend to recreate (actually go through and make it new) the original content that we had intended for the site, and the videos (though maybe not the videos themself). For now they will be at Original, and developed over time.

We will probably update what we've written over time, to have something more in line with what we really will have, but the intention for now is to have more or less the content we'd had for that here.